Mets Pitcher LaTroy Hawkins Getting Ready To Skin A Hog [PHOTO]

What’s LaTroy Hawkins been up to lately (other than re-tweeting #KUBoobs pics)? Well aside from working his way into a roster spot in the Mets organization, it looks like the big fella has spent some time out in the wild hunting and gutting some hogs!

I’m not sure why, but I love the fact that he is out hunting hogs in his Mets clubhouse gear. All of his hunting buddies are rocking camo and LaTroy just didn’t get the memo.

According to Wikipedia:

LaTroy Hawkins signed a minor league deal with invitation to spring training with New York Mets on January 31, 2013.

With no job locked up, Hawkins appears to be looking to hone his hunting skills to the best of his ability. He’s even been reaching out to fellow pros, Adam Jones of the Orioles and Brandon Snyder of the Rangers.

Of course he preceded the hanging hog photo with a bible passage tweet:

Trust in the lord…and your hunting rifle.

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