Jimmy Clausen & Golden Tate’s Rum Punch Spring Break In Antigua [PHOTOS]

Name a bigger college bro tandem in the NFL than Jimmy Clausen and Golden Tate? You can’t. Don’t bother trying. The former Notre Dame teammates were bro(ing) out a couple weeks ago on an adult Spring Break to Antigua and the bros brought along their girlfriends to keep track of the Instagram photographer.


• West Indies island of Antigua

The group:

Carolina Panthers backup QB

• Seahawks starting WR

• Clausen’s girlfriend, professional volleyballer Jess Gysin

• Tate’s girlfriend, Elise Pollard

The goals:

• Sun

• Snorkeling

• Sightseeing


We’ve destroyed Clausen on a normal basis here at Busted. Gysin sorta hates BC, too, because we’ve been rough on Jim. It might be time to ease off the guy a little bit after seeing these photos of Jimbo double-fisting rum punches and letting the photos go live on the Internet. It’s extremely rare these days.

There’s always an agent who doesn’t want his client shirtless and drinking rum punches on Spring Break. Jim just doesn’t seem to care that you know he enjoys a tropical drink or 10 over the course of an afternoon in Antigua.

We respect that.

We respect that Jim will swim back to the boat for more rum punches. We respect that Jim will carry four rum punches at once. We respect Jim’s tan. This is actually the vacation that all of us are jealous we can’t take because we have miserable lives and can only afford Panama City.

So, with this post, we’ll call a truce with Jim. The guy is growing on us.

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