ESPN Has Iowa In NCAA Tourney & Bruce Weber Coaching Louisville & More Screencaps!


morning twitpics

And here we thought ESPN would get through Monday without firing an intern after a busy championship week. Wrong. Some asshole thought it would be funny to pull this Iowa logo stunt on Andy Katz. The big problem is that Iowa isn’t even in the tourney. That spot would belong to Iowa State.

It gets better.

Who coaches Louisville? Rick Pitino, right? Nope, Bruce Weber. Do we really want to pick on ESPN?

Good work, interns. Enjoy trying to tell your parents how you lost the ESPN gig because you didn’t know who coached Louisville. Dad’s going to be so pissed.


Use this stat at work around the water cooler.

Picture 4

In NBA news, MJ about to carve some prime rib.

Picture 4

That would be an iPad. You get the idea.

Picture 5

(via ‏@dchungs)


In hockey news, the devil is a Stars fan. There’s nothing like a guy wearing the sign of the devil to a nice family NHL game. Marriage material.

Picture 6

Finally, Tiger wants privacy. Good luck with that.

Picture 7

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