‘Rob Gronkowski’ Greyhound Reaches Pinnacle Of Sport With Today’s Win [VIDEO]



And you might have thought the ‘Rob Gronkowski’ greyhound (that’s Gronk’s official press photo)would lose a step once he started running against better competition at the Palm Beach Kennel Club. All nonsense discussion was put to rest today as Gronk destroyed Grade B competition on his way to yet another win.

For those of you keeping track, that’s now Gronk’s five wins in six races. As you can see in the replay, this is another no doubt victory. With this win, greyhound racing expert @GreyhoundNews says the Gronk greyhound will be making the jump to Grade A, the highest level in the sport.

Greyhound News says that Gronk is still very new to the racing game.

There are some (greyhounds) that last around 4 years, 300 or so races. I would put veteran status on 40-50 races.

Vodka & Red Bulls for everybody!

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