FOX Sports Girl Of The Week: Jordana

According to her bio, Fox Sports Girl Jordana was born in Brazil but moved to her home in Florida as a child, and she has been a huge Gator fan ever since the 2006 University of Florida championship celebration.

Now, this “Gator Gal” goes into the tourney with the Gators as a #3 seed (Fox printable bracket challenge – $1,000,000 in prizes) and faces #14 seed Northwestern State.

After back-to-back Elite Eight visits, the Gators could face the UCLA-Michigan-Georgetown gauntlet to make it to the North Texas regional final.

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Who is your favorite athlete?

With countless awards and recognition, I have to go with our Sportsman of the year… Mr. LeBron James!

Who is your athlete or celebrity crush, and why?

There’s just something about Batman 😉

What is your fondest sports memory?

I was visiting friends at UF in 2006 when the Gators won their first basketball title against UCLA. All of the students rushed University Avenue in a massive celebration, climbing street lights, jumping in fountains, the works! After that first hoops title, they won another one the next year and football picked up a pair of championships as well so it became common place to rush University Ave….but that first one is unforgettable.

What is your favorite college mascot?

Albert and Alberta! Best way to represent Florida is with my Gators.

What sport would you play professionally if you could, and why?

Football, I just love the intensity of the game! I was actually on the Varsity Flag Football team AND the Varsity cheerleading squad at the same time in high school. Crazy, I know.

What Florida team should Tim Tebow be playing for, and why?

It is still hard not seeing him as a Gator because he made such an amazing impact on that team, but he should come closer to where I live so I think it’s time you sign with the Dolphins and connect with Mike Wallace, Tebow!

Billy Donovan’s slicked back hair: Yes or No?


Billy Donovan’s hair vs. Joakim Noah’s hair: Which is better?

I think Joakim needs to make an appointment with Billy’s barber… Get on that Mr. Noah! haha

What is the best spring break destination in Florida, and why?

The Florida Keys! Nothing better than boating, scuba diving, water skiing and enjoying the hot sun during spring break.

What’s your method for picking March Madness games? Mascot? Colors? Random guess?

I HATE going chalk. In the spirit of the madness, I mix in some random guessing in picking a few upsets, along with some favoritism for the premier teams.

Massive amounts of Internet research and game watching?

I may do a little research on, but that’s just to make sure I beat Annilie’s (fellow FOX Sports Florida Girls) bracket.

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