$500 Says Mrs. Busted Coverage Can Smoke Seth Greenberg’s March Madness Picks



Let’s throw out all the stats that stat heads start throwing at you during March Madness. I don’t want to hear your stats. I don’t want to hear some bullshit about how so-and-so is “going to make a run.” If you were all experts, there wouldn’t be a lottery system because the pots would be miniscule.

And then ESPN trots out Virginia Tech reject Seth Greenberg.

You know how many Sweet 16 trips Seth had as a head coach at Virginia Tech? ZERO.

You know how many NCAA tournament wins Seth had as a college coach? ONE. Seriously, one win in like 20 years.

Seth’s best finish in the NIT: quarterfinals.


So this guy is a March Madness expert? He’s about as much of an expert as some fat toad you work with. Everyone knows all the #1 seeds don’t make the Final Four.

It’s only happened once since 1979. In other words, it doesn’t happen, especially in a year full of parody when one of the teams is Gonzaga.


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