Marshall Henderson Does Gator Chomp At Florida Fans As Ole Miss Wins SEC Title [GIF]

Marshall Henderson Gator Chomp

Just as he did to Missouri’s fans on Friday night, Marshall Henderson of Ole Miss trolled the Florida fans on Sunday afternoon in Nashville. Henderson helped the Rebels take a six-point lead over No. 13 Florida in the second half of the SEC title game. Not the type to miss an opportunity to enrage the fans of the opposition, Henderson did the Gator Chomp motion with his hands with Ole Miss leading 59-53.


Ole Miss hung on to win the game, 66-63, and grab the SEC title and an automatic bid to the NCAA tournament. We’re assuming Henderson will be named the tournament MVP. The NCAA has to secretly love Henderson, who is a natural draw as a heel. He’d be perfect to spice up an otherwise bland first round play-in match-up.

[h/t: @bubbaprog, TheBigLead]

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