Cop ‘Handcuffs’ Marshall Henderson After SEC Title Game [PHOTO]

Marshall Henderson Arrested LEAD


Just look at that smile on Marshall Henderson. It has to be driving his haters crazy. After winning the MVP of the SEC tournament and helping Ole Miss upset Florida in Nashville on Sunday, Henderson was playfully and kiddingly ‘handcuffed’ by a cop, according to the tweet below from Rebels’ teammate Murphy Holloway. Holloway scored 23 points and Henderson added 21 in the title game win.

That cop was the only person stopping Marshall Henderson this weekend. Guy has been through all kinds of drama, and now he finds himself in the NCAA tournament. The Rebels have a ball-buster draw in the tournament: Wisconsin and some serious Big 10 defense on Friday. We’re hoping Henderson gets a few games into “The Big Dance” just so we can watch him get under everyone’s skin.

[h/t: @rxmayers]

[@Murphys_Law31; @NativeSon22]

Marshall Henderson Arrested


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