Paulina Gretzky Update — Partying With Dustin Johnson & Brody Jenner, Skinny Dipping? [PHOTOS]

Paulina Gretzky  LEAD

When we last left Paulina Gretzky, our site’s favorite smokeshow daughter of a legend, she was in Miami with PGA golfer boyfriend Dustin Johnson. Since then, the Daily Mail mistook someone else for Paulina and removed all traces of the gaffe. We wish every girl we saw was Paulina, too, chaps.

Anyway, this weekend Paulina has moved on to partying with Johnson, actor Brady Jenner, her brother Ty Gretzky and a few other beautiful people.

Paulina Gretzky 0

It’s cool. Johnson didn’t play the Tampa Bay Championship at Palm Harbor, Florida this weekend, so they’re just hanging out.

Paulina also posted some more pics from the ocean. We aren’t certain which ocean, but does it really matter when she’s wearing a bikini that’s as white as an NHL roster? Paulina’s last Instagram post, however, indicated that she’s been doing some skinny dipping, or as she insists on calling it: “Chunky Dunking.” It’s all good. When you are as hot as she is, you can call it just about anything you want and get away with it.

[h/t: TheBigLead for update]

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