Jordin Tootoo vs Mike Brown Round 2 – Tootoo Bloodied By Brownie

You might remember Mike Brown vs. Jordin Tootoo last week when Brownie went speed bag on Tootoo’s head during a fight at Joe Louis. The boys were at it again last night in Edmonton for round two. The results were the same, except this time Brownie went speed bag on Toots nose.

It does appear that Brownie suffered a cut on his nose, but that’s like a paper cut to this guy. He’s the Chuck Norris of NHL fighting. Just shakes off minor scratches and goes right back to speed bagging.

Meanwhile, Tootoo wasted little time after the game retweeting followers congratulating him on the fight.

As for the game, the Red Wings got out of town with a 3-2 win and picked up important points in a clogged Western Conference.

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