Micheal Haley vs Mark Stuart & Columbus DJ Plays Harlem Shake During Fight

The New York Rangers might’ve lost 3-1 last night in Winnipeg, but Michael Haley won himself a fight with Mark Stuart. Sure, Stuart landed a shot, but that was a Haley punch that made him wobbly and ultimately ended the scrap.

Between his AHL and NHL service this season, that was Haley’s 20th brawl and probably his quickest.

Other than this fight, it was a rather slow night.

In Columbus, they’re now playing Harlem Shake during fights like this one between Andrew Shaw vs Matt Calvert. The DJ, Nick Johnson (@CBJ_DJ), is something of a hero to Blue Jacket fans. He keeps a running list of songs played on his Twitter account and it’s eclectic.

Last night’s artists: Aerosmith, The Black Keys, Pantera, Rob Base & DJ EZ Rock, Macklemore, Tragically Hip, Andrew W.K.

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