Johnny Cabo Manziel Carefully Embracing Purdue Bikini Chick [PHOTOS]

Johnny Cabo’s spring break week is winding down, but it’s not over until some Big Ten bikini chick pays respect to the SEC legend. This is Katie. She just happened to run into Scooby as he was working through another day of R&R and one of those giant rum drinks they sell on the beach.

What stood out to us in this photo? Two things: the fake Purdue tat and Johnny’s left hand. We’ve been out of the college spring break game for a few years. Is the fake tattoo thing mandatory?

Katie tweets (@KatieRamer):

Had to rep my school down in Cabo ❤🏫 #Purdue#temporarytattoo @ Marina Fiesta

Do what you gotta do girl. Looks like Johnny doesn’t discriminate against the Big Ten. Katie also had a big night on Thursday when she ran into Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez at some club.



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