Happy 70th Birthday To The Iron Sheik!


The Iron Sheik. What can be said about the Sheikie that hasn’t already been said by him. The guy is a living legend who has completely revamped his post-wrestling career and today, he turns 70.

To pay our respects to the legend, we have decided to do a Twitter round up of the best sports related Sheik-isms of 2013. Nobody is off limits and everyone from Gronk, to Ray Allen, to Mark Sanchez to Roger Clemens got the Sheik treatment.

Happy birthday to the great one, and remember nobody f*ck with the Sheikie.

Sheik Meme (1)

BONUS: Sheik Birthday Tweets

Sheik-Birthday-Tweets (1)

Sheik-Birthday-Tweets (2)

Sheik-Birthday-Tweets (3)


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