ESPN Fired At Least Two Interns In March Madness Debacles & More Screencaps!

morning twitpics

I think it was Tuesday or Wednesday when I brought up that ESPN interns would be getting fired at a rapid pace this week. There are like 200 basketball games on and fans are watching like hawks, just ready to snap a screencap with their iPhones.

And then last night happened. Not only did some smartass have Frank Heath as the 2102 coach of the year, but someone substituted the Louisville roster for Marquette’s. All hell broke loose on Twitter with Marquette fans losing their minds.

March f-ing Madness. Just firing interns left and right.


And there was this innocent mistake over at Team SportsCenter.


Yes, that’s a yarmulke. Under Armour proves it will put its logo on everything – before Nike thinks of it.

Picture 1

Is there a better place in America to be in a mascot costume? Genius move, Pac-12.

Picture 1

From the ACC tournament, catching up on sleep.

Picture 3

Picture 4

Meanwhile, last night in New York, Samsung released its latest phone. Tired of using your fingers to hit a pause button on a video? This new phone has that covered.

Picture 2

It Was Steak & Miami Heat BJ Night On SportsCenter & More Screencapping Fun!