Landry Fields Fiancé Elaine Alden Is Pregnant! [PHOTOS]


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Somehow, the news that Landry Fields’ model fiancé Elaine Alden is pregnant completely slipped through the cracks. She announced via Twitter/Instagram on February 24 but nobody really seemed to notice. Between now and then there have been countless tweets and photos, and still, it seems to have slipped through the cracks.

That is about to change.

Now at 19 weeks pregnant, Alden is fully showing that baby bump. She is using Instagram to sort of document this entire process, letting followers in on some of the most intimate details and photos.

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Look at that! We are seeing private, personal ultrasound photos! You almost never get that much of an inside look at a celebs pregnancy process.

She’s essentially live-tweeting her pregnancy. To thank her, if we can come across her baby shower registry you bet your ass we’ll be splurging on something special.

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