LA Temptation Lingerie Football 2013 Photoshoot



The league wants to be called the Legends Football League, but we’ll always call it the Lingerie Football League because the women are still playing football in bras and underwear. In just a little over 15 days, lingerie football returns to the United States (Atlanta vs. Jacksonville – full schedule) after a dormant year when the sport moved into Canada, Australia, the Far East and has expansion plans for Ireland.

That means teams are busily wrapping up the photoshoot stage of the season. This week it was time for members of the L.A. Temptation (think: Yankees, Lakers, Bama of LFL) put on the new unis for a shoot.

#7 is Chloe Butler – She’s Australian and can kick your ass. Seriously, this chick is like the Ray Lewis of the LFL, minus the murder thing.

#15 is Deidre Pagnanelli – It looks like she could snap a watermelon with those thighs.

#1 is Liz Gorman – She’s a former LFL Defensive Player of the Year.

#13 is Monique Gaxiola – Another insane athlete, she’s a middle linebacker. She’s also a cross-fit competitor and is like the Urlacher of the LFL.

Put it all together and you easily have the league’s most experienced and strongest defense. You know how Roger Goodell is scared someone might get hurt real bad in the NFL? He might not want to watch the LFL this year.

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