Kobe Bryant’s Ankle Is Looking Good [PHOTO]


Kobe Bryant Ankle

Kobe Bryant suffered a pretty nasty ankle sprain late in last nights game between the Lakers and Hawks. The news was everywhere. Lakers fans were freaking out and after seeing the photo Kobe’s wife Vanessa put on Instagram, we can see why.

What you are looking at is Kobe’s left foot and ankle, with what appears to be a golf ball underneath his skin. Yeah, it doesn’t look like he’ll be returning to the lineup anytime in the immediate future.

Kobe is fired up about the incident, calling it a dangerous play and promising revenge on Dahntay Jones.

Kobe Bryant Ankle Tweet (1)

It didn’t seem to be a dirty play to us. Just Kobe being Kobe and never being able to admit something is his fault. Maybe don’t kick your leg out next time. Twitter was mixed in how they felt about the play, but countless guys were on the same page as us.

Kobe Bryant Ankle Tweet (2)

Kobe Bryant Ankle Tweet (3)

Kobe Bryant Ankle Tweet (4)

Here’s the play and Kobe’s reaction. What do you think, dirty play or not?

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