It Was Steak & Miami Heat BJ Night On SportsCenter & More Screencapping Fun!


morning twitpics

In case you didn’t realize, it’s March 14, also known as Steak & BJ Day. Ironically, ESPN started Steak & BJ Day a few hours early with this SportsCenter update. As for those of you who need to remind your wife or girlfriend what Steak & BJ Day is, here is the official Urban Dictionary definition.

Anyway, kudos to the ESPN intern for the steak/BJ reminder.




Again, I’ve pretty much seen all the crazy shit possible over the last five years of running Busted Coverage. However, there are always firsts. Like this morning. Is she looking for a popcorn kernel?


Picture 2


I knew it. You can’t throw a massive Pope event without Washington State showing up. Dedication right there.



In NHL news, I had to do a couple searches to see if this was legit. It’s legit.

Picture 3


Odds & Ends

Picture 4


Can’t forget this great one from @corkgaines. This is a tweet for Padres bloggers brought on by Fox Sports San Diego to talk baseball.



Finally, a new Pope.

Picture 5

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