I’m Riding Charlotte Coach Alan Major’s Hairline To The Final Four



Don’t even sit there and tell me that’s not LeBron’s hairline at like 51. Why hasn’t Charlotte head coach Alan Major shaved that shit off? No idea, but at this point the guy is known for this hairline, so why cut it?

You know how teams find a rallying cry during March Madness? This is my rallying cry. I’m all in on Alan Major. I already know that his Charlotte team, after pulling today’s game out of their asses (technical on free throw turns into more free throws and the lead; then, the Richmond coach gets technical for more free throws) that Alan gets #1 A-10 seed St. Louis Friday at Noon.

When Alan Major’s hairline starts to catch fire, anything can happen. St. Louis is obviously beatable.

Can’t f-ing wait.


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