Denver Broncos WAG-Off: Anna Burns Welker vs. Jessie James [PHOTOS]



The biggest news to come from NFL free agency was when Wes Welker decided to abandon ship in New England and join forces with Peyton Manning in Denver.

Instead of drooling over all the out routes that Peyton and Welker will connect on like every other site, we decided to focus on what matters most: the WAG powerhouse that is the Denver Broncos. Welker brings with him his new wife, former Hooters girl and bikini model Anna Burns Welker, to combine forces with singer Jessie James, Eric Decker’s fiancé.

These two together immediately make the Broncos the place to be in terms of NFL WAGs. Is there a better one-two punch in the NFL right now? We can’t think of one.

Anna Burns-Welker – Wes Welker’s Wife


Husband’s Career Stats:

  • 31-years old
  • 140 games played
  • 768 receptions
  • 8,580 yards
  • 38 touchdowns

Jessie James – Eric Decker’s Fiancé


Husband’s Career Stats

  • 25-years old
  • 46 games played
  • 135 receptions
  • 1,782 yards
  • 22 touchdowns
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