Vince Young Got Fitted For His UT Class Ring [PHOTO, TWEETS]


Vince Young Class Ring (1)

Ten years after starting his Longhorns career Vince Young is finally getting his class ring. We’ve seen the big guy on the prowl around campus multiple times over the past few months. It’s good to see after all these years, Vince will finally have some bling to show off all these years of hard work.

Vince Young Class Ring (2)

Look at how happy he is getting fitted for the ring. Just hanging in the student union throwing up the ‘hook em horns’ with a huge grin on his face. We haven’t seen Vince this happy since it was announced he’d grace the cover of Madden.

In all honestly it’s good to see an athlete put his nose to the grindstone like this and go back to finish up his degree. Not many would do that after a decade, so Vince, we’re proud of you buddy…even if it looks like you slept through most of class.



[h/t @ImSoEfficient]

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