Richard Sherman Wearing ‘I’m In Miami Bitch’ Shirt – In Miami


Richard-Sherman-Miami (1)

We wouldn’t have expected Richard Sherman to be a corny tourist. We thought he’d be a cool cat, hitting the clubs in only the most fashionable attire possible. Boy were we wrong.

This photo, courtesy of Ochocinco, shows Sherman rocking the always classy ‘I’m In Miami Beach’ tank top from any one of the countless $20 t-shirt shops in South Beach.

Ocho posted the photo with the following tweet:


I don’t know what Ocho means there, because that “lil homie” clearly has a few inches on him.

But more importantly back to Sherman. So many fashion fails:

  • ‘I’m In Miami Bitch’ tank top…in Miami
  • Rastafarian style board shorts
  • Black socks in sandals
  • Double sunglasses hanging from the waist

A look like that could only be pulled off successfully by one man: Roger Clemens.


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