Mike Fisher vs Stephane Robidas – Mr. Carrie Underwood Bloodies Punk’s Mouth [VIDEO]



Color me shocked that Mike Fisher vs Stephane Robidas last night in Dallas ended with Mr. Carrie Underwood opening up a can of whoop ass on Robidas’s mouth. How rare is it for Mike Fisher to fight now that he needs to have a pretty red carpet face? Pretty rare.

Last night was Mr. Underwood’s first brawl of 2012-13. He had one in 2011-12; three over last three years (three since he married Underwood). He’s a devout Christian who has appeared on the 700 Club.

So that adds mystery as to why Fisher unloaded on Robidas as if he was channeling John Scott.

The fight experts at HockeyFights.com voted overwhelmingly (96.4) to give Fisher the victory. The evidence speaks for itself.

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