Johnny Manziel Longhorns Tattoo Is Henna? [PHOTOS]

And now Johnny Manziel says his Texas Longhorns tattoo is fake. Not photoshopped. Fake. We’ll assume he means that’s a henna tattoo because there is this new photo of Shirtless Heisman with Presley Bourquein of Houston. It doesn’t look like Presley took time out of her spring break to Photoshop another shirtless photo.

Johnny, in true Texan fashion, last night addressed the Longhorns tattoo drama with a simple tweet and exchanged love with his hate squad.

A quick Google pesos to dollars converter says that 150 pesos is equal to $12.05.

So to recap, all of you who’ve emailed, left messages and slammed Busted Coverage on message boards, claiming the original Johnny Longhorn photo was photoshopped, you can kiss our asses.

If you don’t want to blow up blogs, go to Cabo and avoid henna. Otherwise, we’re splashing your ass all over the internet.

Don’t cry to newspaper writers that you can’t be a normal college student who takes classes on campus. Don’t cry to ESPN that you can’t live a normal life because of the “microscope.”

Again, you put a UT Longhorn henna on your abs and it’s on.

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