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ESPN Fires Dwyane Wade’s Stupid Mom For Her Spelling Fail & Other Screencaps!

D-W-Y-A-N-E WADE. We figured this ESPN fail, with as much as the WWL covers the Heat, was impossible. But there it is. Blame his mother for the stupid spelling fail, not an ESPN intern. As for the Heat, of course they beat Atlanta, 98-81.

If the 19-game winning streak is going to end, keep an eye on Monday, March 18 at Boston. If Boston can’t end the streak, go to March 31 at San Antonio.

In other ESPN NBA news, WTF is this?




In ESPN NFL news, look at the logos. Two out of four is at least batting .500 for the logo editor.


Odds & Ends:

That would be Gerard Pique and his lovely wife. Maybe you’ve heard of her – Shakira. Euro media is going nuts today over this photo.


Picture 5


Finally, get your morning rolling with a cannibal eating some soup. Thanks, Post.

Picture 6

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