The Boston Red Sox Cadillac & The 30 Best Sports Superfan Cars [PHOTOS]



This Red Sox Cadillac was spotted down at Spring Training last week. The above photo was uploaded to Instagram with the following caption:

Saw this sweet convertible parked at JetBlue Park, owned by a Red Sox spring training season ticket holder.

There is so much to love about that car. The ‘Yankees Suck” license plate. The flames ripping down the side. We’re picturing an old Jewish guy, re-located from Boston who just lives for Red Sox Spring Training games.

After seeing this glorious whip it got us thinking about sports superfans and their cars. Their passion is just so great a jersey just isn’t enough. They need to paint their allegiances on their vehicles. Check out 30 of the best fan painted whips the internet has to offer.

P.S. Why are there so many PT Cruisers?!

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