ESPN Catches March Madness Spelling Fail Fever & More Screencaps!


morning twitpics

Is this ESPN graphics spelling fail from last night’s Western Kentucky-Florida International worthy of firing an intern? Hardly. It’s conference tournament week and there are like 300 games to go before the tournament is set on Sunday. If you start firing punks over one letter, ESPN will need to start hiring NBC Sports Network rejects.

Meanwhile, over in the Colonial, you have James Madison students trying to enjoy March Madness before Kansas drills them in the first round.



Who’s or who is. I am.

Picture 2


In NHL news, it was a slow night with only two games, but this guy was able to win the night.



Because you really care what the Phillies Hooters girl has to say.

Picture 4




The NY Post doing what the NY Post does. At least you can still get a 32 oz. Coke in that city.

Picture 3

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