Daily Mail Fail: That’s Not Paulina Gretzky! [PHOTOS]


Paulina-Gretzky-Fail (2)

Earlier today our friends at LobShots.com shed light on an interesting situation over at the Daily Mail. The British new outlet ran a post with multiple photos of a blonde girl on a beach who they claimed to be Paulina Gretzky.

Except it wasn’t.

LobShots jumped on the story and grabbed a few photos. Check out this one:

Paulina-Gretzky-Fail (4)

Sure it’s a skinny blonde, but we know Paulina and that, my friends, is not Paulina.

The Daily Mail has since deleted the link, and any existing hyperlinks now bring you to this page:


The best part about all of this is that it took the Daily Mail over 4 hours to remove the faulty story. Let the Brits stick to soccer gossip, we in America can handle Paulina.

We did a quick Google cache of the link and you can still catch a glimpse of the story.

Daily-Mail-Fail (2)

Again, clearly not Paulina. Would she ever wear an outfit like that to the beach? Hell no. Does that look anything like her boyfriend Dustin Johnson? HELL no. All in all a solid journalistic effort by theĀ UK’s second biggest-selling daily newspaper.

By the way, The Daily Mail has yet to respond to this gaffe on Twitter (@MailOnline).

[h/t Lobshots]

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