Whoops! Nebraska Community College Coach Wipes Out During Gatorade Bath Disaster



Richard Thurin’s North Platte Community College (NE) women’s team had just won Sunday’s NJCAA Division II Region F title game and advanced to the national championship tournament. Of course his team wanted to celebrate with a victory Gatorade bath for their coach. It’s one of those special moments in sports.

But, have you ever seen a Gatorade bath for a basketball coach? This is a first for us.

You know how basketball refs freak over a little sweat on a court because someone will slip? How about an entire Gatorade bucket of liquid. Nothing bad could happen to a coach who just won a ticket to the national championship with a 15-14 team , right?


According to Thurin’s granddaughter, “Both guys are fine, and laughing a lot about the whole situation!”

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