USC Basketball Players Allegedly Involved In Fight In Spokane, Wash.

USC basketball’s year from hell may have just gotten worse. Police in Spokane, Wash. are investigating a Sunday morning altercation that nearby witnesses say involved USC basketball players. Authorities were called to a fight involving 20-30 people on Sunday after 2 a.m. local time. Four people went to the hospital after the brawl. The woman in the photo above seems to have taken a serious shot to the face.

“They were saying they were with USC… The first person of interest was 7-feet-tall, 260 pounds and is the center for USC. He was looking drunk, looking belligerent, calling out our guys, basically admitting to what he had done. [Including] hitting several people, including two women,” Spokane club owner Noel Macapagal said.

USC lost to Washington State, 76-51, at Pullman, Wash. in its last Pac-12 regular season game on Saturday. The team stayed over in Spokane before flying home on Sunday. Citing a source, the Los Angeles Times is reporting that USC players were involved in an altercation.

Fight on, indeed.

This has been an awful year for the USC basketball program. After a 7-10 start, the Trojans fired head coach Kevin O’Neill and replaced him with interim coach Bob Cantu. USC won six of eight games in one stretch, including victories over UCLA and Arizona, but they finished 14-17. Hell, the Trojans even contacted former coach Tim Floyd, whose tenure ended under NCAA investigation.

Watch the video below for more info:
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[H/T: KREM; Los Angeles Times]

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