Greg Oden Bar Watch: He’s Already Putting Cleveland Drunks On His Back!



While the Cleveland Plain Dealer was busy covering Greg Oden sitting in Dan Gilbert’s sideline seats at Friday’s Grizzlies-Cavs game, we were patiently waiting for the big man to turn in another epic night at the bars.

Mission accomplished. It happened. See above tweet and this photo. Sure, it’s not 100% clear that Oden is literally carrying “drunk dudes” around Cleveland. But we’ll take Angelo’s word for it because it’s Cleveland and would make perfect sense.

*Angelo wants you to know, “I saw nothing to assume that Oden himself was drinking.”


That photo would normally make for a spectacular Greg Oden weekend, but there was an Ohio State-Illinois game on Saturday Sunday. You know what that means – SHOTS, SHOTS, SHOTS!

Last we heard, Greg was telling Grantland that he doesn’t party these days. Maybe this is double is for a friend.

We’re still trying to figure out his itinerary, but it seems that Oden caught the Cavs game on Friday, went back down to Columbus for the Ohio State game and then back to Cleveland to party.

(via @joel_espn)

UPDATE: It seems that Oden wore the same clothes (this red shirt and dark pants) from Saturday night to Sunday’s OSU game.



Notice the coat in top photo and this from early Sunday. Looks like some 7-footer tore shit up in CLE.

Picture 14


Picture 16

Sunday at OSU Game

Picture 15

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