Giancarlo Stanton Autographs Diamondbacks Employee’s Windshield After BP Home Run Blast


Diamondbacks-Windshield (1)

During a routine batting practice at the WBC, Giancarlo Stanton crushed a ball out of the park. Literally. The ball traveled so far it left the stadium and landed squarely on the windshield of an Arizona Diamondbacks employee’s car.

Stanton is a future star for the Marlins who had a hell of a season in 2012. The guy ripped 37 HR, 130 hits, all while hitting .290. Not bad for a 23-year old kid.

The D-Backs tweeted the following message after the incident:

Diamondbacks-Windshield (2)

Sucks for that guy. Even worse? The employee, named Alex Kim, appears to be in ticket services. After a quick glance at, an average salary for a professional baseball ticket sales rep in Arizona isĀ aboutĀ $17,000.

It was a nice move to autograph it and all, but for Kim’s sake lets hope Stanton paid the bill for the windshield.

[h/t @Dbacks]

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