BC Talks Johnny Football, Fashion & Gay Teammates With Von Miller [INTERVIEW, VIDEO]


Last week we got the opportunity to sit down with All-Pro linebacker Von Miller. Promoting the new Axe Face line of products, Miller got a professional shave and took on total babe (and Friday Night Lights star) Adrianne Palicki in some competitions.

We got a few minutes with Von and talked Johnny Football, online classes, fashion and what his stance is on gay teammates in the locker room. The full video of the interview is above, but check out some of the highlights of the interview below.

BC: There’s been a lot of hoopla recently about Johnny Manziel. The news came out that he has been forced to take online classes because he’s become too much of a “celebrity”. Did you feel any of that pressure when you were at Texas A&M?

Von: Nope. When I started gaining my celebrity and my fame I was on my way out. Man, I would’ve loved to have had that type of celebrity. It’s like shooting fish in a barrel in college!

BC: There’s been a lot of discussion in the media lately about gay players in the NFL. What is your stance on having a gay player on your team and in the locker room?

Von: The stats say that there are two guys on every team. If I would’ve found out that it was a guy on my team, whatever his preference may be, you know we work together. We’re teammates, we’re brothers. I can’t just give you a cold shoulder. I would make it light. It wouldn’t be guys whispering about it, we’d talk about it we’d confront it. I create a light environment, it would be funny. That way we could all work and we could all go on the field together.

BC: So a couple locker room rags and you’d be done with it?

Von: I mean yeah. Everybody is close in football locker rooms…not that kinda close, but everybody is close, everyone’s family. You think about it, if one of your best friends broke the news to you, you’re not going to shut him out. I would make it light, I’d make if funny, I’d make it hilarious. That way we could all work together and it wouldn’t be so tense.

[h/t Axe Face]

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