Barry Bonds Having White Girl Three-Way Before Twitter, Facebook & Instagram Existed [UPDATE]



We’ve heard it from all sorts of athletes: “I’m so glad Twitter wasn’t around when I was playing.” Of course we’d give up a nut to see photos from Michael Irvin coke parties. Dozens of naked chicks snorting piles of blow off the top of a 32″ RCA box TV.

But the bad news is that old jersey chasers have kids who are savvy with Twitter and Facebook. Those kids are now looking feverishly through photo albums for funny photos of mom riding Barry Bonds.

Take @maddiebey and the above photo:

My mom also knew Barry Bonds and my godmother dated him for like a month hahahahah

The big question in the BC office is Barry’s age in this three-way. Looks 23. He was 26 in 1991 (see below).

Remember old athletes, you might have missed the Twitter generation, but your ass is one three-way tweet away from going viral. Just hope some jersey chaser doesn’t unload her vault.


Picture 1

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