Brawl Between Mexico and Canada At WBC [VIDEO]

WBC Brawl Canada Mexico

Mexico and Canada had a bench-clearing brawl in the top of the ninth inning of today’s World Baseball Classic game at Chase Field in Phoenix. We’re sure that this is exactly the Olympic-like sportsmanship that Bud Selig wants to see exhibited during these international games. More info as we get it.

UPDATE: With his team trailing 9-3 in the ninth, Mexican pitcher Arnold Leon drilled Canadian outfielder Rene Tosoni even though Leon was warned NOT to do that on the previous pitch. Leon didn’t care, and the fight was on between the clubs. Lots of big swings and chokeholds worthy of lucha libre.

Mexico’s Karim Garcia also tried to take out Canadian catcher Chris Robinson earlier in the game, helping raise the tension, which Garcia is very good at doing. Here’s the official MLB video:


UPDATE 2 : After getting wiped out at home plate earlier in the game, Canada’s Robinson bunted in the ninth with his team up 9-3. Normally that will get a batter drilled, but total runs scored is a tie-breaker in the WBC’s system, so the Canadians were within unwritten rules to try to score more. Third baseman Luis Cruz of Mexico seemingly “ordered” the beaning by pointing to his ribs after the bunt.



Mexican pitcher Alfredo Aceves was also, uh, angry.


Canada won, 10-3.

[H/T: @CorkGaines, @seang8)]

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