Huge Georgetown – Syracuse Banner Is Violent, But Awesome; Jay Bilas Continues Photobomb Streak [PHOTOS]

Now, this is a rivalry.

Georgetown and Syracuse met for the last scheduled time as Big East members on Saturday afternoon at the Verizon Center in D.C. Georgetown fans rallied together some great stuff for the early game, including a massive, 50-foot sign – the largest ‘tifo’ ever from the Georgetown Stonewalls — declaring ‘Our Hatred Is Eternal.”

As you can see from the banner, the Georgetown Hoya is wielding a knife and has sliced through Otto the Orange of Syracuse. That’s the Big East, folks.

ESPN Gameday’s Jay Bilas continued his relentless photobomb streak, this time on the Hoyas mascot.

Patrick Ewing (and Alonzo Mourning) were both in attendance for the game.

The Georgetown fans started in on Syracuse’s Michael Carter-Williams, who was caught shoplifting at a Lord & Taylor store in December.

At least one Georgetown fan remembered how this rivalry got started, with coach John Thompson Jr.’s utterance of “Manley Fieldhouse is now closed,” and updated it with the Carrier Dome, too.

At the half, the score was (a very Big East-like) 25-18 in favor of Georgetown.
Georgetown 61- Syracuse 39)

The Hoyas fans stormed the court after the win, becoming perhaps the first fans of a top 5 team to do so. In the process, a few journalists were knocked over as well, but it seems as though they are OK.

[H/T: CollegeSpun.com]

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