Here Is The Scorpion That Stung Brewers GM Doug Melvin [DEATH PHOTO]



You might’ve heard that Brewers GM Doug Melvin spent Wednesday night in an Arizona emergency room after being stung by a scorpion. The story, according to Melvin, is that he was eating dinner with his wife when the scorpion made an appearance.

According to the Associated Press:

Melvin said he was eating dinner with his wife when they saw a bug walking across the floor. He reached down with a tissue to pick up what he thought was a spider and was stung on his left middle finger. He said his hand started swelling almost immediately and he decided to head for a hospital.

“I got nervous when all of the numbness started getting up in the shoulder area,” Melvin told “You think, ’Can this thing go to your heart?’ They said you can lose your breathing; your vision can be a problem. None of that happened to me.”

Of course you want to see the scorpion, right? Hell yes.

Doug’s son, Cory, uploaded this shot of the dead scorpion to Facebook. Looks like Doug killed it via chopping off its head. Can’t say I was expecting to see that Melvin held onto the scorpion after it nailed him.

Picture 3


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