Buy Ray Lewis’ South Florida Mansion For $5 Million [25 PHOTOS]



Only a month removed from this second Super Bowl championship and Ray Lewis is already making moves in the real estate game. With news that he is joining forces with ESPN, it appears it was time to ditch the fancy Florida digs for $5 million and relocate closer to Bristol.

This house is beautiful, and at 6,788 square feet, it’s nothing to slouch at. The only issue is the proximity to the neighbors (Gronk has the same situation at his Tampa house as well).

These guys pay millions of dollars for an incredible house, but can reach out their window and touch the neighbors siding. What gives?

According to Realtor:

The home offers a sleek Mediterranean design that is warm and inviting, thanks to cavernous ceilings and towering windows. The vaulted interior allows for a wealth of natural light, while also offering up panoramic views of the Atlantic.

Details On Ray Lewis’ Florida House

Estimated Monthly Payment: Roughly $20,000 after mortgage and pool maintenance

[Buy Ray Lewis’ Florida Mansion – Realtor]

[h/t Realtor Celebrity Blog]

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