Rare Hockey Streaker Strikes In Calgary & More Screencapping Fun!


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Ever see a guy streak at an NHL game? Probably not. An incident like what happened last night in Calgary is extremely rare. During the second intermission, this guy scaled the glass and went for a skate, minus the skates.

As this video shows, Hockey Streaker Guy’s 15 minutes of fame were over rather quickly thanks to the ice crew on skates.

[Photo via @mellly_87]

Picture 5

Meanwhile, in Chicago, they’re actually streaking and wearing wild togas.


Picture 2

And we understand this is a tweet from some moron who can’t spell, but ESPN could’ve corrected it or not used it during another of its faux debates.


Not that I’m trying to pick on ESPN. Iowa State hasn’t been #7 since Marcus Fizer was chillin’ in Ames.


Odds & Ends:

Picture 4


Finally, at least there isn’t any drama this week in New York for the Post to cover.

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