Battle Of Athlete Offspring: Sydney Esiason vs. Paulina Gretzky

All of this Sydney Esiason Spring Break madness got us thinking, in the world of athlete daughter hotness, who takes the cake? Two names immediately that immediately came to mind were Paulina Gretzky and Sydney Esiason.

These girls are Instagram pros, with bikini shots, party pics and endless updates of┬átheir┬ásocialite lifestyles. They both use their daddies’ fame to the fullest and we love them for it.

We want to end the debate once and for all. Who is the hottest athlete daughter out there today? Which blonde bombshell does BC love more? Vote below, but lets be honest, if these girls keep posing for bikini photos, we’re all winners.

Paulina Gretzky


Sydney Esiason


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