Syracuse Football Players Arrested For Stealing 19-in TV, XBOX, 2 iPods & Video Games


According to

Four students arraigned in City Court this morning on burglary and larceny charges were held in jail on $5,000 cash or $10,000 bond each after appearing before Judge Karen Uplinger.

Junior football players Davon Walls (above, left) and Markus Pierce-Brewster are accused of stealing about $950 worth of electronics, including a 19-inch television, XBOX gaming system, two iPods and several video games.

Pierce-Brewster, a junior defensive end for the Orange, acted as a “lookout” while Walls entered an unlocked apartment on Winding Ridge Road around 1:15 p.m., according to court papers.

Of course these two are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law, but the university has surveillance video of the burglary. Of course this comes just days after the Alabama football program was rocked by a illegal use of a credit card to buy snacks ring.

More background: Pierce-Brewster is a fan of SportsNation, Disturbed, College Humor and It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia.

The bad news is that these two Syracuse brahs will now lose their huge scholarships, will be kicked out of school, have to pay court costs and be sent home to get real jobs.

Hope that 19-incher was worth it, boys.

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