Roman Polak vs Kyle Clifford Includes This Vicious KO Chest Shot

Roman Polak vs Kyle Clifford

At first it looked like Kings tough guy Kyle Clifford caught Blues pugilist Roman Polak with a right to the chin. However, when you look at the replay, it seems Clifford’s punch is more of an upper chest to neck shot.

What matters is that Polak dropped, a linesman covered him up, a trainer came out to make sure Roman wasn’t dead and Clifford skated off to the penalty box. Give credit to Polak for standing in with Clifford. It was Polak’s first fight of the season and only his sixth NHL fight in his five-year career.

Clifford, on the other hand, is just 22 and has 31 NHL fights in three years. Advantage: Clifford.

If you care, the Kings won, 6-4, after scoring four in the 3rd period.