Pedro Martinez Impresses Yankees Waitress With 25% Tip On $80 Tab [PHOTO]

Pedro Martinez Tip

Pedro Martinez is down in Florida with the Red Sox for Spring Training. Obviously he’d be hitting the local bars. We spotted the above photo on Instagram which highlights Pedro and his…um…generous tipping. We figured a waitress would be pissed to only receive a $20 tip from a pro athlete. Not this girl!

The caption that accompanied the photo was as follows:

Pedro Martinez Tip Tweet


For a guy who has accumulated $146,259,585 in career baseball earnings, we would hardly classify $20 or a 25% tip as “hooking it up”.

Here is a Pedro autographed ball to confirm that the signature on the bill is actually his:

Pedro Auto

Notice the sloppiness on the bar bill? This has to have been after about three hours of slugging Bud Platinums and coconut shrimp.

Pedro really seems to be enjoying his time in Florida.


[jmeac Instagram]

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