Did Men’s Health Photoshop Fat Mike Trout Cover?

Mike-Trout-Mens-Health (1)

Much of the hoopla coming out of Angels Spring Training has been surrounding Fat Mike Trout. The second year star rolled into camp weighing in at 241 pounds, roughly 15 pound heavier than he was last season.

Also, Trout is now a full 5 pounds heavier than teammate Albert Pujols. Weird.

That’s what makes this Men’s Health Magazine cover so interesting. The discussion with Trout has been the opposite of what this magazine preaches. Hell, this calzone photo speaks volumes.

Trout Calzone

Also worth noting are these two photos. The first photo is Trout during his rookie year:

Rookie Mike Trout

The second is a current photo:

Fat Mike Trout

The only way the Men’s Health cover isn’t photoshopped is if they used a photo from his rookie campaign. Look at that chin/neck combo, you don’t see any of that on the cover of the magazine.

What do you think? Did Men’s Health photoshop Mike Trout? Did they use an old photo?

Trout shares the cover with Buster Posey and Bryce Harper, and each guy gets their own cover on top of the ensemble cover.

P.S. Could the title be more fitting? ‘Flatten Your Belly With A Side Of Fries’. Fat Mike Trout, ladies and gentlemen.

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