Best Of Shaq Memes & GIFs For His 41st Birthday

best-of-shaqToday is His Shaqness’ 41st birthday. It seemed like just yesterday when we were watching him toss up brick after brick from the line. It seems like it was just yesterday he was dominating the league for the likes of the Cavaliers, Celtics and Suns.

We know 41 isn’t as special of a birthday as say 50 was for Barkley and MJ last month, but we’d be remiss to ignore Diesel on his special day. We give you the 30 best Shaq memes the internet has to offer.

Fun Facts On Shaq

  • Released his solo debut album, Shaq Diesel, in 1993
  • Has 5 children with 2 women
  • Paid for George Mikan’s funeral expenses in 2005
  • Avid fan of MMA, wants to fight Choi Hong-man

shaq gif (1)

shaq gif (2)

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