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Smartass ESPN Intern Fired For This Scoring Fail & More Screencapping Fun!

That scoring update is either the work of an ESPN intern looking to get fired or the Lightning and Penguins have found offensive cohesion. The highest scoring game in modern NHL history? Edmonton beat Chicago, 12-9, in 1985.

If you’re an intern looking to make a name for yourself on the internet, go big.

As for ESPN’s women’s basketball coverage, someone was navigating a narrow waterway.


Over on the original mothership, Bilas was at it again after a busy weekend in Los Angeles.

Picture 2

Let’s travel to Japan this morning where the World Baseball Classic is setting all sorts of attendance records.

Picture 1

I count seven beers. Let’s just say those are $7 beers. Yeah, he drank an entire day’s salary during a meaningless regular season game.

Picture 1

Odds & Ends:



Finally, the NY Post headline writers nailed the Brian Cashman broken ankle story.

Picture 3

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