Ohio State Football Players Can’t Stop Getting Shirtless [PHOTOS]



Ohio State’s spring football camp officially starts this afternoon, but players have been busy pumping iron, getting shirtless and posing next to a Harley. The shirtless photos are then uploaded to Twitter and we’re left shaking our heads.

The only guy we can identify in the above image is old dude. That’s tight ends/fullbacks coach Tim Hinton. The photo, uploaded by wide receivers coach Zach Smith, came with a #SilverBullets tag. The mystery for us continues. Why the Harley? Why the #SilverBullets?

Why upload shirtless photos to Twitter where they’ll quickly be analyzed by Michigan message boards and ridiculed in SEC country.

Last week it was the linebackers posing with the Harley. Put a shirt on. Nothing good ever comes of these photos on the internet. As a Buckeyes fan, I’m pleading for this to stop.

[HT: ‏@JoeDooder]


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