Keith Magnuson vs Carol Vadnais – From 1969 – When NHL Refs Encouraged Fighting



After watching and posting the Worst Hockey Fight Ever video over the weekend (now with 500,000 views) where a ref was encouraging goons to fight on, some starting asking about that protocol from hockey refs.

Is it becoming of a legit ref to root for a brawl?

Then I came across this video posted Monday to YouTube from 1969 and featuring Blackhawks tough guy Keith Magnuson vs Oakland Seals brawler Carol Vadnais. It’s just your run-of-the-mill old NHL hockey fight where Magnuson seems to KO Carol. But look closely.

You see what that ref is doing with his hands? FIGHT! GET IT! THROW PUNCHES!

Old hockey.

Sadly, Magnuson died in a 2003 car accident; he was 56. Vadnais, 67, finished his NHL career with 1813 PIM and his name on two Stanley Cups.

* That’s baseball hall of famer Lou Boudreau giving color commentary.

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