Kate Upton Doppelganger: ‘Mail-Order Bride’ Thing Was A Joke


Kate Upton Doppelganger Lead

Odds are you’ve seen the now infamous Kate Upton doppelganger on Twitter. We had so many questions and wanted to know more about the mysterious blonde. Are they real? Does she have a crush on Kate? Does she try to trick guys into believing she’s actually Kate?

Thankfully Andy over at SI Swim Daily tracked her down and had the chance to interview her. Her name is Ania and she is a 22-year old Russian student.

Although we didn’t get all the juicy answers we were hoping for, Ania shed some light on the whole situation and how quickly it blew up. Just how much of an impact did it have on her Twitter game (@Huliganjettaa)? Ania said, “before the retweet I had 78. I’m currently at 2,600”.

The funniest part of the interview is in regards to her Twitter bio:

My twitter bio says “Mail order bride in training” and people took that quite seriously, even though it’s a total joke. I’m getting a lot of marriage proposals.

Be sure to head over to SI Swim Daily for the full interview with Ania.

Kate Doppelganger

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