Jay Cutler’s Wedding Registry Features $14,500 In Gifts; We Bought Cuts A Lemon Reamer


Here we go again with round two of Jay Cutler and Kristin Cavallari’s wedding registry. Back in 2011, BC bought the lovely couple a lemon reamer. It was eventually shipped back after the wedding was called off. Cuts and Cavs are back with a July 13 wedding date and $14,500 in wedding registry wants.

There’s the Crate & Barrel registry featuring a $39.95 Shindig Tray. On the Williams-Sonoma registry we find a $49.95 rice cooker.

According to TheKnot.com:

Their registry is totaled at nearly $14,500 — which sounds like a lot compared to the average U.S. couple’s $5,158 registry.  Kristin and Jay are part of the 12% of U.S’s couples that registry’s add up to more than $10,000!

Other interesting tidbits about their registry: it includes 4 different cake platters, cooking books, a  double patty burger press, an apple slicer and a special fish spatula.

Those are all very nice gifts, but to keep with tradition, we splurged on a $9.95 wooden lemon reamer. It seems like something Jay can use to make lemonade after a rough day at the office.

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